Darren Hall for State Representative
Bradley, part of Brewer, Clifton, Dedham, Eddington and Holden

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.   I hope that it will be an informative look at who Darren Hall is, what I stand for, and what you can expect from me if I am given the honor of representing you in Augusta again.  

Serving the citizens of Bradley, Brewer, Clifton, Dedham, Eddington and Holden in the 122nd Legislature was truly a rewarding experience.   I truly enjoyed my time in Augusta as your representative, and am proud to have played a part with  some major accomplishments for Maine.  

I was very pleased to have had the opportunity to help my constituents navigate the ominous maze that our State government has become to solve their problems, no matter how big or small.  I made some close friendships and ties in the community as a direct result of my constituent work.  These folks still call on me for help when they need it.  I was pleased and so honored to be contacted by many of the people I had worked for with multiple requests to run this year.  It was their enthusiasm and continued support that convinced me to enter this arena again. 

If I am fortunate enough to be honored to represent the people of District 20 again, I will remain committed to improving the lives of every citizen.   I will be your advocate for a leaner, more efficient State government that will work for you, rather than against you. 

My pledge to you remains the same as it was when I was elected to the 122nd Legislature.   I say NO to all tax increases.  I say YES to all tax cuts.  My voting record shows that 100% of the time I kept this promise.   I will keep it again.

We are a very small, closely knit community.  I am confident that we can, and will, make the right choice this November when we choose our next State Representative.  I believe the key to making that choice is a concerned, informed and knowledgeable electorate.   My goal with this site is to make sure that every voter has the necessary information to make an appropriate choice on election day.  So please, browse the website and contact me with any questions or comments that you may have.  Then please talk with your friends and neighbors, send them to my website, and lets make sure that everyone is knowledgeable and well informed when they show up to vote on election day. 

Remember, folks.  What I say here, I mean here... for today, for tomorrow, and for all of our futures. 

Hold me to it!

Remember that election day is Tuesday,  June 8th.  There are four referendum questions, including the repeal of the massive sales tax expansion enacted by the last legislature.  I would be honored and greatly appreciative to have your vote on June 8th.
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